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Select two important features of Standard Cost Collection Flex field.

A.    unique project costcollection requirements thatare configured centrally
B.    unique I-reject cost collection requirements that are presented differently acrossall applications
C.    allows customers to validate, calculate cost, and import any type of transactions that are captured internally or externally using a single process
D.    disintegrated means to capture, store, display, query, and reportproject-related attributes in their respective applications

Identify two predefined calendar types that can be utilized to create Period Profiles.

A.    weekly calendar
B.    accounting calendar
C.    monthly calendar
D.    project accounting calendar

Answer: AC

At who is the Oracle Fusion Project Performance Reporting solution specifically targeted?

A.    Project managers
B.    Project executives
C.    Project accountants
D.    Project team members

Answer: C

Identify the statement that correctly describes how the Fusion PPM would handle a scenario in which someone attempts to import a configuration package into a instance of Fusion PPM where the implementation project name already exists.

A.    The upload program ends in error.
B.    The upload program completes in success but does not update records.
C.    A warning is generated thatthe current implementation project currently in the system will be replaced by the new configuration package.
D.    There is no warning; however, the current Implementation project is replaced withthe contents on the new configuration package.

Answer: D

Project Analytics in Fusion Applications provides the project commitment summary. Select three additional commitment sources provided by Project Analytics.

A.    Requisitions
B.    Purchase Orders
C.    Unaccounted Supplier Invoices
D.    PO Receipts
E.    Timecards

Answer: ACD

Select the option that would accurately fill the blank below. The relationships between the Business Units and the Project Units in Fusion PPM are _________.

A.    One-to-One
B.    One-to-Many
C.    Many-to-Many
D.    Many-to-One

Answer: C

Identify two important aspects of the Non-Labor Bill Rate Schedules.

A.    They are expenditure Type based rate schedules.
B.    They are job-based rate schedule.
C.    Theyallow expenditure types to be used along with arateor a markup percent.
D.    They do not allow the mark up percentage to be O.

Answer: AC

Select the phrase that best completes the sentence below. “Project Creation” is an example of__________.

A.    a job
B.    an abstract role
C.    a duty
D.    a privilege

Answer: C

Select the option that enables the transactions from other sub ledger modules that are imported into Project Costing and are in “Rejected” or “Pending for processing” stage to be viewed.

A.    Review Commitment Transactions
B.    Manage Expenditure Items
C.    ManageUnreleased Expenditure Batches
D.    Manage Unprocessed Transactions

Answer: D

Project managers typically have the need to plan for granular labor resources, whereas only high- level planning is sufficient for financial purposes. Identify the two true statements about the Project Integration Gateway in this background.

A.    You are allowed to create non-integrated resources manually in Primavera.
B.    When you import the project plan, all planning for non-integrated resources is summarized by Project class.
C.    When you import the project plan, all planning for non-integrated resources is summarized by WBS.
D.    The summary information does not become a resource class resource assignment in Oracle Fusion PPM.

Answer: CD

What does Project Performance Reporting, a specialized analytics tool, leverage?

A.    BI Publisher
B.    Financial Reporting Center
C.    OTBI
D.    Essbase

Answer: D

Identify three aspects that help define Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence.

A.    Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence is a real time, self-service reporting directly off Fusion.
B.    Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence provides unlimited historical analysis, including.
C.    Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence provides pre-packaged content covering major Fusion Applications.
D.    Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence is built on Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition technology.

Answer: ABC