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New CCIE Security 400-251 dumps PDF: >> New CCIE Routing and Switching 400-101 dumps PDF: >> New CCIE Collaboration 400-051 dumps PDF: >> New CCIE Data Center 400-151 dumps PDF: >> New CCIE Service Provider 400-201 dumps PDF: >> New CCIE Wireless 400-351 dumps PDF: NEW QUESTION 1What is the best description of a docker file? A.    Text document used to build an image.B.    Message Daemon files.C.    Software used to manage containers.D.    Repository for docker images. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 2Which of the following is part of DevOps virtuous Cycle? A.    Lower QualityB.    Increased LatencyC.    Slower ReleasesD.    Improved Scalability Answer: D NEW QUESTION 3How would you best describe Jenkins? A.    An orchestration tool.B.    Continuous integration and delivery application.C.    Operations in a client/server model.D.    Web-based repository hosting service.E.    A REST client. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 4What are the two different modes in which Private AMP cloud can be deployed? (Choose two.) A.    Hybrid ModeB.    Internal ModeC.    Air Gap ModeD.    External ModeE.    Cloud-Proxy ModeF.    Public Mode Answer: CE NEW QUESTION 5Which two statements about 802.1x components are true? (Choose two.) A.    The certificates that are used in the client-server authentication process are stored on the access switch.B.    The access layer switch is the policy enforcement point.C.    The RADIUS server is the policy enforcement point.D.    The RADIUS server is the policy information point.E.    An LDAP server can serve as the policy enforcement point. Answer: BD NEW QUESTION 6Which statement describes a hybrid SDN framework? A.    The data plane is pulled from the networking element and put in a SDN controller.B.    The control plane is pulled from the networking element and put in a SDN controller.C.    The control plane functions are split between a SDN controller and the networking element.D.    The control plane and data plane are pulled from the networking element and put in a SDN controller and SDN agent. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 7Which three messages are part of the SSL protocol? (Choose three.) A.    Change CipherSpecB.    AlertC.    RecordD.    Message AuthenicationE.    CipherSpecF.    Handshake Answer: ABF NEW QUESTION 8Which two characteristics correctly identify attributes of LPWA technologies? (Choose two.) A.    Supports high-throughput bandwidth requirements.B.    Provides better Quality of Service features than NB-loT.C.    Supports over-the-air distances of over 30km.D.    Capable of using unlicensed technologies such as SigFox.E.    End-device with battery life lasting over 10 years. Answer: DE NEW QUESTION 9Which statement about Local Web Authentication is true? A.    It supports Change of Authorization and VLAN enforcement.B.    It can use VLANs and ACLs to enforce authorization.C.    The network device handles guests authentication.D.    The ISE servers web pages.E.    It supports posture and profilling services.F.    The web portal can be customized locally or managed by the ISE. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 10For which of the four portals is the SAML Single Sign-On on ISE supported? (Choose four.) A.    Wireless Client portal.B.    Certificate Provisioning portal.C.    Guest portal (sponsored and self registered).D.    My Device portal.E.    Employee portal.F.    Sponsor portal.G.    Contractor portal.H.    BYOD portal. Answer: BCDF NEW QUESTION 11Which entity is responsible for the StealthWatch Management Center to interact with ISE? A.    FMCB.    DNAC.    PxGridD.    ASAE.    Threat GridF.    NGIPS Answer: C NEW QUESTION 12Which description of the AES encryption algorithm is ture? A.    Reapplying the same encryption key three times makes it less vulnerable than 3DES.B.    Theoretically 3DES is more secure than AES.C.    It uses the block of 64 bits.D.    It provides only data integrity.E.    It does not use the substitution and permutation principle.F.    It uses three encryption keys of lengths 128, 192 and 256. Answer: F NEW QUESTION 13Which of the following is true regaring failover link when ASAs are configured in the failover mode? A.    It is not recommended to use secure communication over failover link when ASA terminating the VPN tunnel.B.    Only the configuration replication sent across the link can be secured using a failover key.C.    The information sent over the failover link can only be in clear text.D.    The information sent over the failover link can be sent in clear text or it could be secured communication using a failover key.E.    Failover key is not required for the secure communication over the failover link.F.    The information sent over the failover link can be only be sent as a secured communication. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 14Which statement about VRF-Lite implementation in a service provider network is ture? A.    It requires multiple links between CE and PE for each VPN connection to enable privacy.B.    It uses output interfaces to differentiate routes for different VPNs in the CE device.C.    It can only support one VRF instance per CE device.D.    It can support multiple VPNs at a CE device with overlapping address space.E.    It disable the sharing of one CE device among multiple customers.F.    It can have multiple VRF instances associated with a single interface on a CE device. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 15What will be used by WSA to apply the polices when identification is based on ISE? A.    SGTB.    proprietary protocol over TCP/8302C.    SXPD.    RADIUSE.    EAPF.    RPC Answer: A NEW QUESTION 16Which two evasion techniques are used by attackers? (Choose two.) A.    Telnet to launch device administrative session.B.    Resource exhaustion.C.    Port access using Dot1X.D.    ACL implementation to drop unwanted traffic.E.    EncryptionF.    NAT translations on routers and switches.G.    URL filtering to block malicious sites. Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 17Which three NETCONF datastores are valid? (Choose three.) A.    candidateB.    runningC.    startupD.    stateE.    capabilitiesF.    notification Answer: ABC NEW QUESTION 18Drag and DropDrag LDAP queries used by ESA to query LDAP server on the left to its functionality on the right. Answer:A-5B-1C-4D-2E-3 NEW QUESTION 19Drag and DropDrag the PCI-DSS requirements on the left to its security controls on the right. Answer:A-5B-1C-2D-3E-4 NEW QUESTION 20When an organization is choosing a cloud computing model to adopt, many considerations are studied to determine the most suitable model. To which model is cloud interdependency mainly attributed? A.    Hybrid cloudB.    Public cloudC.    Community cloudD.    Private cloud Answer: A NEW QUESTION 21...... Download the newest PassLeader 400-251 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 400-251 PDF dumps & 400-251 VCE dumps: (167 Q&As~2019 Version) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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