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A.    To help the sales force develop new marketing strategies.B.    To provide additional information on Cisco solutions and services.C.    To enhance the technology experience and influence the customer.D.    To improve the proposal and provide the bill of materials to the customer.E.    To help the sales force with the selling process. Answer: BC NEW QUESTION 221Which statement is true regarding technical requirements? A.    They establish the technical features that the customer value proposition must include.B.    They establish the technical strategy customer needs to follow to double the business size.C.    They establish what the business needs to do in order to reduce time to market.D.    They establish the business strategy that the customer must follow to accelerate their go to market. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 222Which three options are additional costs arising from a subscription model and should be factored into the total cost of ownership of IT as a Service? (Choose three.) A.    auditing and controlB.    cost of hardware and softwareC.    software asset and managedD.    cost of accounting and trackingE.    quality assurance managementF.    charge back and show back Answer: ACD NEW QUESTION 223Which option is the outcome when comparing the current state of technology with the capabilities of emerging technologies? A.    Identify gaps for upgrading Cisco products.B.    Identify gaps that provide opportunities for new services and solutions.C.    Identify new cloud-based technologies.D.    Identify the new stakeholders. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 224Which two options are benefits of effective communication with stakeholders? (Choose two.) A.    It allows other strengths to create maximum impact.B.    It lessen the impact of business weakness.C.    It helps mitigate the intrinsic risks with negotiation.D.    It allows effective interaction between stakeholders. Answer: CD NEW QUESTION 225Which solution enables business outcomes in the healthcare industry? A.    Multilayer SwitchingB.    MedianetC.    CollaborationD.    Advanced Routing Answer: B NEW QUESTION 226Which three options are common business needs across industry verticals? (Choose three.) A.    Connected Reactive MaintenanceB.    Connected Mobile WorkforceC.    Connected PlatformsD.    CMX Digital ExperienceE.    Secure OpsF.    Connected Enterprise Resources Answer: ABE NEW QUESTION 227Which three options are perspectives of the customer needs? (Choose three.) A.    Functional Area ManagementB.    Finding InvestorsC.    Technical ProfessionalsD.    Executive ManagementE.    Strategic ExecutivesF.    Operative Professionals Answer: ACD NEW QUESTION 228Which two options are indirect benefits of a business outcome? (Choose two.) A.    Lower maintenance contract costB.    Improved customer satisfactionC.    Lower purchase price of IT assetsD.    Faster time to market for new solutions Answer: BD NEW QUESTION 229Which option is one of the ways customers expect to gain access to a capability while paying for it? A.    improve operationsB.    encourage consumptionC.    acquire technologyD.    access new cloud services Answer: B NEW QUESTION 230Which three options are factors or components that must be considered when dealing with a business value proposition? (Choose three.) A.    Technological DevelopmentB.    Key Performance IndicatorsC.    Firm InfrastructureD.    Capital ExpendituresE.    Human Resource ManagementF.    Operating Expenses Answer: BDF NEW QUESTION 231Which option is a structured process to understand business landscape and context? A.    business model canvasB.    business outcomes canvasC.    business model outcomesD.    business canvas approach Answer: A NEW QUESTION 232Which are two characteristics of laissez-faire leadership styles? (Choose two.) A.    The leader has minimal involvement.B.    A trained and qualified team member leads efforts.C.    The leader provides rewards and incentives.D.    It involves a high level of communication.E.    It is intended for team members who require close supervision. Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 233Which description of the role of the account manager is true? A.    The account manager is responsible for technology selection to sell into the account.B.    The account manager leads a business-led approach selecting the right technology to sell.C.    The account manager leads the customer engagement throughout the business-led approach.D.    The account manager is directly responsible for the customer relationship. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 234Which activity occurs in the loyalty phase of the customer relationship lifecycle? A.    Gain credibility with the customer to establish them as an advocate.B.    Establish yourself as a trusted advisor.C.    Continue to effectively develop your relationship with the customer.D.    Understand the customer and their critical needs. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 235Which activity is performed by the Cisco business architect? A.    Develop low-level designs.B.    Determine the required business capabilities.C.    Create a product build of materials.D.    Provide product-specific technical support. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 236During a business lead engagement, which role of the aspiring Cisco Business Architect is true? A.    to be more business focusedB.    dedicated to running proof of valueC.    to be more technology focusedD.    to promote the business lead approach with other line of business Answer: C NEW QUESTION 237Business architects must be skilled within Enterprise architecture. Which list of Enterprise architecture domains must business architects fully understand? A.    business, data center, collaboration, and network architectureB.    security, data center, collaboration, and network architectureC.    business, data, application, collaboration, and network architectureD.    strategic, data, application, and network architecture Answer: D NEW QUESTION 238Which description of the channel building block in the business model canvas is true? A.    key activities that support the value propositionB.    value that the business delivers to its customersC.    how the business reaches its customersD.    for whom is the business creating value Answer: C NEW QUESTION 239Which value does a customer realize from the Cisco Business Architecture approach? A.    Capture and realize business value from product feature demonstrations.B.    Ensures Cisco relevancy to business capabilities and business solutions.C.    Capture and realize business value from defined business outcomes.D.    Ensures that the customer is up to date with all the latest product capabilities. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 240During which Cisco Business Architecture phase does Information Technology Infrastructure Library become relevant? A.    develop and verifyB.    customer knowledgeC.    deploy and measureD.    customer commitE.    research and analyze Answer: C NEW QUESTION 241You are an account manager and your customer asks you for help to quantify the impact that the technology investment they are about to make has on their business priorities. Which step is the best next step? A.    Set up an executive briefing.B.    Set up a meeting to engage a business architect.C.    Set up a product briefing that describes the benefits the product has, followed by an executive briefing.D.    Set up a product briefing that describes the benefits the product has. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 242Which two factors are examples of business influences? (Choose two.) A.    visionB.    externalC.    resourceD.    internalE.    strategy Answer: BD NEW QUESTION 243Which two examples are indirect financial benefits? (Choose two.) A.    increased customer satisfactionB.    increased operational expendituresC.    increased process efficiencyD.    decreased capital expendituresE.    decreased total cost of ownership Answer: AC NEW QUESTION 244Which component of a business strategy must be measurable? A.    environmentB.    visionC.    goalsD.    mission Answer: C NEW QUESTION 245You are an account manager and your account asks you to help them identify the capabilities they need to develop to enable them to deliver services faster. Who do you engage to work with the customer? A.    Cisco product business unitB.    Technical solutions architectC.    Systems engineerD.    Business architect Answer: D NEW QUESTION 246Which goal of the Cisco business architect in a business architecture engagement is true? A.    Lead post-sales technical support.B.    Gain experience in developing low-level designs.C.    Convey Cisco relevancy to business capabilities and solutions.D.    Provide Cisco specific technology solutions. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 247Which advantage is gained from engaging with senior IT and LoB leadership of the Cisco Business Architecture approach? A.    to describe the latest product features offeredB.    to position technologyC.    to demonstrate the latest product featuresD.    to gain an understanding of their business Answer: D NEW QUESTION 248Drag and DropDrag and drop the financial benefits on the left to the direct and indirect spaces on the right. Answer: NEW QUESTION 249Which value of enterprise architecture is true? A.    They describe the arrangement of products to deliver a business outcome.B.    They describe how business outcomes are defined.C.    They provide an overall view of a given problem.D.    They outline how business priorities are reached. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 250You are an account manager and the customer asks you to summarize the business value a product they are about to purchase delivers. Which process best describes how to do that? A.    Gather list of products benefits and needed business capabilities.Align the product benefits to the business capabilities and align the product benefits to customer outcomes.B.    Gather customer business priorities and list of product benefits.Align the product benefits to customer outcomes.C.    Gather customer business priorities and needed business capabilities.Align the business capabilities to solutions and align the solutions to customer outcomes.D.    Gather customer business priorities and list of products benefits.Align the product benefits to business priorities and align the product benefits to customer outcomes. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 251...... Download the newest PassLeader 810-440 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 810-440 PDF dumps & 810-440 VCE dumps: (256 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. New 810-440 DTBAA dumps PDF: P.S. New 700-150 ICS dumps PDF: P.S. 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