This page was exported from Free VCE Dumps And PDF Dumps With New Updated Questions [ ] Export date:Mon Jun 1 15:35:12 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [New Exam Dumps] The Best PassLeader 400-101 Exam Questions With Free VCE Download --------------------------------------------------- New Updated 400-101 Exam Questions from PassLeader! Welcome to download: NEW QUESTION 1Which three address family types does EIGRP support? (Choose three.) A.    IPv4 unicastB.    IPv4 multicastC.    IPv6 unicastD.    IPv6 multicastE.    IPv4 anycastF.    IPv6 anycast Answer: ABC NEW QUESTION 2Which two values must be identical to allow IS-IS devices to become neighbors? (Choose two.) A.    interface MTUB.    authentication keyC.    IP MTUD.    CLNS addressE.    NSELF.    area ID Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 3Which Layer 2 tunneling technique eliminates the need for pseudowires? A.    OTVB.    L2TPv3C.    AToMD.    VPLS Answer: A NEW QUESTION 4Which two application protocols require application layer gateway support when using NAT on a Cisco router? (Choose two.) A.    SIPB.    HTTPC.    FTPD.    SMTPE.    POP3 Answer: AC NEW QUESTION 5Which three options must be configured when deploying OSPFv3 for authentication? (Choose three.) A.    security parameter indexB.    crypto mapC.    authentication methodD.    IPsec peerE.    encryption algorithmF.    encryption keyG.    IPsec transform-setH.    authentication key Answer: ACH NEW QUESTION 6Which two statements about IOS and IOS XE are true? (Choose two.) A.    IOS XE can upgrade and restart applications independently of IOS.B.    Only IOS uses the FFM to provide separation between the control plane and the data plane.C.    IOS XE provides improved functionality and an enhanced UI.D.    Only IOS runs as a single daemon within the Linux OS.E.    IOS XE provides additional system functions that run as multiple separate processes in the OS. Answer: AE NEW QUESTION 7An NSSA area has two ABRs connected to Area 0. Which statement is true? A.    Both ABRs translate Type-7 LSAs to Type-5 LSAs.B.    The ABR with the highest router ID translates Type-7 LSAs to Type-5 LSAs.C.    Both ABRs forward Type-5 LSAs from the NSSA area to backbone area.D.    No LSA translation is needed. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 8Which two options are requirements to implement 6VPE? (Choose two.) A.    MPLS between PEsB.    6-in-4 tunnels between PEsC.    MP-BGP VPNv6 exchangeD.    MP-BGP IPv6+label exchangeE.    Any Transport over MPLSF.    IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack in core Answer: AC NEW QUESTION 9Refer to the exhibit. All routers are running EIGRP and the network has converged. R3 and R4 are configured as EIGRP Stub. if the link between R1 and R3 goes down, which statement is true? A.    R1 sends traffic destined to via R2.B.    R2 does not have a route to in the routing table.C.    The prefix becomes stuck-in-active on R4.D.    R3 does not advertise to R4 anymore. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 10Which three options are characteristics of a Type 10 LSA? (Choose three.) A.    It is an area-local, opaque LSA.B.    Data is flooded to all routers in the LSA scope.C.    It is used for traffic-engineering extensions to OSPF.D.    It is a link-local, opaque LSA.E.    Data is flooded only to the routers in the LSA scope that understand the data.F.    It is used for traffic-engineering extensions to LDP. Answer: ABC NEW QUESTION 11Refer to the exhibit. Which three statements about the device with this configuration are true? (Choose three.) A.    Multiple AFIs are configured on the device.B.    The authentication on is configured incorrectly.C.    The device is configured to support MPLS VPNs.D.    This device is configured with a single AFI.E.    The authentication on is configured incorrectly.F.    The device is configured to support L2VPNs. Answer: ABC NEW QUESTION 12...... Download the newest Cisco 400-101 exam questions from PassLeader now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 400-101 VCE Dumps & 400-101 PDF Dumps: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2015-07-30 11:02:27 Post date GMT: 2015-07-30 11:02:27 Post modified date: 2015-07-30 11:02:27 Post modified date GMT: 2015-07-30 11:02:27 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from