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Answer: C NEW QUESTION 162Which one of the statements regarding the Frame Control field in an 802.11 MAC header is true? A.    Only Control frames have a Frame Control field.B.    The Frame Control field contains three sub-fields and eight one-bit flags.C.    The Frame Control field is used to communicate the duration value.D.    The Frame Control field is always set to 0. Answer: DExplanation:This field is simply used to indicate which protocol version of 802.11 is being used by the frame. This is always set to "0". NEW QUESTION 163What should the To DS and From DS flags be to set to in an Association Response frame? A.    To DS = 0, From DS = 0.B.    To DS = 0, From DS = 1.C.    To DS = 1, From DS = 0.D.    To DS = 1, From DS = 1. Answer: AExplanation: NEW QUESTION 164An RST frame should be acknowledged by which frame? A.    AckB.    CTSC.    Block-AckD.    RTS-Ack Answer: A NEW QUESTION 165Which one of the following is not an 802.11 Management frame? A.    ActionB.    AuthenticationC.    PS-PollD.    Beacon Answer: C NEW QUESTION 166What is the difference between a Data frame and a QoS-Data frame? A.    QoS Data frames include a QoS control field.B.    QoS Data frames include a QoS information element.C.    QoS Data frames include a DSCP control field.D.    QoS Data frames include an 802.1Q VLAN tag. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 167What is an AIFS? A.    A form of aggregation performed at the PLCP sub-layer.B.    The shortest period of time a STA can sleep.C.    A medium access method introduced by 802.11n, but never implemented.D.    A variable Interframe Space introduced by 802.11e to help prioritize medium access for different Access Categories. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 168Which one of the following statements describes the function of WMM Admission Control? A.    APs guarantee Voice and Video access categories priority over the WLAN medium.B.    APs control access to the wireless medium by polling STAs for data packets.C.    APs regulate the available bandwidth in an attempt to provide a guarantee of the amount of time that a STA has available to access the channel.D.    Provides a new 802.11 Authentication method for Voice devices. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 169The PLCP sublayer provides framing by adding a header to create what type of data unit? A.    MSDUB.    MPDUC.    PSDUD.    PPDU Answer: D NEW QUESTION 170What Interframe space would be expected between a CTS and a Data frame? A.    SIFSB.    DIFSC.    AIFSD.    PIFS Answer: A NEW QUESTION 171How does a VoIP Phone, using WMM Power Save, request data frames buffered at the AP? A.    The VoIP phone transmits a PS-Poll frame.B.    The VoIP phone transmits a trigger frame.C.    The VoIP phone sets the More Data bit in the MAC Header to 1.D.    The VoIP phone transmits a WMM Action frame. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 172What is encrypted within the fourth frame of the 4-Way Handshake? A.    PMKB.    PTKC.    GMKD.    GTK Answer: D NEW QUESTION 173Which one of the following is not a valid reason for an AP to fail a STAs association? A.    Requesting station has the wrong PSK.B.    Does not support the specified authentication algorithm.C.    AP is unable to handle additional associations.D.    Requesting station does not support all the required data rates. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 174During a VHT Transmit Beamforming sounding exchange, the beamformee transmits a Compressed Beamforming frame to the beamformer. What is communicated within this Compressed Beamforming frame? A.    Steering MatrixB.    Beamforming MatrixC.    Feedback MatrixD.    Beamformee Matrix Answer: C NEW QUESTION 175You are analyzing a packet decode of a Probe Request and notice the SSID element has a length of zero. What do you conclude about transmitting STA? A.    The WLAN adaptor is configured in promiscuous mode.B.    The STA is operating in Ad-Hoc mode.C.    The STA's WLAN adaptor is disabled.D.    The STA is discovering a list of available BSSs. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 176What is the default 802.11 authentication method for a STA when using Pre-RSNA? A.    Open SystemB.    Shared KeyC.    4-Way HandshakeD.    PSK Answer: AExplanation: NEW QUESTION 177What does the value of the Listen Interval field in an Association request frame indicate? A.    How long a STA performing active scanning will listen for Probe Responses before changing channels.B.    How often a STA will go off channel to look for other BSSs.C.    How often a STA in power save mode wakes up to listen to Beacon frames.D.    How long a STA waits for an Ack before retransmitting the frame. Answer: CExplanation: NEW QUESTION 178When performing protocol analysis, you notice a high number of RTS/CTS frames being transmitted on an HT network. You suspect this may be due to HT protection mechanisms. Where in the Beacon frame would you look to determine which one of the four HT protection modes the AP is operating in? A.    HT Protection ElementB.    HT Information ElementC.    HT Operation ElementD.    Non-HT Present Element Answer: A NEW QUESTION 179Where, in a protocol analyzer, would you find an indication that a frame was transmitted as part of an AMPDU? A.    The HT Operation Element.B.    A-MPDU flag in the HT Control Field.C.    A-MPDU flag in the Frame Control Field.D.    The Aggregation flag in the Radio Tap Header. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 180How many frames make up the Group Key Handshake excluding any Ack frames that may be required? A.    1B.    2C.    3D.    4 Answer: D NEW QUESTION 181...... Download the newest PassLeader CWAP-403 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! CWAP-403 PDF dumps & CWAP-403 VCE dumps: (184 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) 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