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New 400-201 dumps PDF: >> New CCIE Routing and Switching 400-101 dumps PDF: >> New CCIE Collaboration 400-051 dumps PDF: >> New CCIE Data Center 400-151 dumps PDF: >> New CCIE Security 400-251 dumps PDF: >> New CCIE Wireless 400-351 dumps PDF: NEW QUESTION 930Which two components does the IS-IS IPv4 Loop-Free Alternate Fast Reroute feature fail to protect? (Choose two.) A.    ECMPB.    port channelC.    downstream pathD.    subinterfaceE.    MPLS TE tunnels Answer: DE NEW QUESTION 931Which three common use cases for customers using multiple cloud providers are true? (Choose three.) A.    bandwidthB.    high availabilityC.    feature disparityD.    securityE.    analyticsF.    regional cloud provider access Answer: BCF NEW QUESTION 932Which statement describes the purpose of the EOBC links on an nV Edge solution using Cisco ASR 9000 Series? A.    synchronize control plane state informationB.    provide backup transport of data plane trafficC.    prevent split-brain behavior in case of other link lossD.    provide primary transport of data plane traffic Answer: A NEW QUESTION 933An engineer finds out that two LSRs do not reach an agreement on LDP neighborship session. Which mechanism prevents these two LSRs from engaging in an unthrottled sequence of session setup failures? A.    discovery transport-addressB.    instance-tlvC.    LDP backoffD.    LCC Answer: C NEW QUESTION 934BGP is used for PE-CE routing protocol and all CEs in the same VPN use the same AS number. Which command can be applied on PE router that eliminates the need to configure the AS override feature for the service provider in order to provide full connectivity amongst all CEs in the same VPN? A.    neighbor allowas-inB.    neighbor SoOC.    maximum-paths ibgp maximum-numberD.    neighbor internal-vpn-client Answer: A NEW QUESTION 935Which two statements about MPLS LDP Session Protection are true? (Choose two.) A.    LDP session protection can be applied onto to a directly connected neighbor.B.    LDP label bindings must be re-advertised when the directly connected link comes back.C.    LDP session stays up as long as the LDP peer is reachable after a network failure.D.    MPLS LDP session protection uses LDP targeted hellos.E.    MPLS LDP session protection and LDP IGP synchronization are mutually exclusive features. Answer: CD NEW QUESTION 936OSPF is enabled on PE-to-CE links. To ensure that OSPF routes from CE routers are seen as OSPF interarea routes access the backbone, which type of configuration should be deployed on the PE routers? A.    the same domain ID value on both PE routersB.    down bit set for all LSA interareaC.    the same Site of Origin value on both PE routersD.    a sham link between PE routers Answer: A NEW QUESTION 937During a failure, which BGP features forces subsecond convergence to an alternate path? A.    Prefix-Independent Convergence.B.    Aggressive BGP keepalive and holdtime timers.C.    Bidirectional Forwarding Detection.D.    BGP scanner timer reduced to minimal. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 938An engineer has a requirement to implement OSPFv3 in such a way that modifying IP subnets within the domain does not affect the integrity of the SPF tree. Which specific LSA enables the engineer to avoid a forced SPF recalculation? A.    interarea prefix LSAB.    group membership LSAC.    intra-area prefix LSAD.    link LSA Answer: C NEW QUESTION 939In which scenario can you host the most instances on a server? A.    using microservices applicationB.    using containers in virtual machinesC.    using only containersD.    using only virtual machinesE.    using virtual machines in containers Answer: C NEW QUESTION 940Which two attributes about BFD are true? (Choose two.) A.    implemented only on route processorsB.    increases the control plane CPU loadC.    implemented on line cardsD.    detects forwarding failures in millisecondsE.    more CPU intensive than routing protocol adjacency messages Answer: CD NEW QUESTION 941The network operation center is receiving an excessive number of BFD alerts. This is due to recently configured high-speed links that result in BGP session teardown. Engineers tried to modify the BFD timers, but no improvement was noticed. Which action maximizes network stability? A.    enable the BFD Dampening featureB.    fully remove the BFD configurationC.    modify the IGP hello timersD.    enable the BGP Dampening feature Answer: A NEW QUESTION 942Which three parameters should be checked when you are troubleshooting DWDM technology? (Choose three.) A.    out-of-multiframeB.    signal-to-noise-ratioC.    loss of pointerD.    crosstalkE.    channel powerF.    wavelength Answer: ACF NEW QUESTION 943Which three PIM RP modes does IPv6 multicast support? (Choose three.) A.    BGP MDTB.    static RPC.    embedded RPD.    anycast RPE.    auto RPF.    BSR Answer: BCF NEW QUESTION 944Which component is a correct G.8032 RPL type/node? A.    RPL peer nodeB.    RPL owner nodeC.    RPL uplink nodeD.    RPL next-peer node Answer: B NEW QUESTION 945Which description of SaaS is true? A.    a service offering a software environment in which applications can be build and deployedB.    a service offering on-demand software downloadsC.    a service offering that allowing developers to build their own applicationsD.    a service offering on-demand licensed applications for end users Answer: D NEW QUESTION 946Which MLDv1 message is the equivalent of the IGMP Leave message? A.    finishB.    leaveC.    reportD.    done Answer: D NEW QUESTION 947An engineer needs to apply an SMU on a Cisco ASR 9000 device. Which high-availability capability minimize the impact of applying an SMU? A.    install activateB.    ISSUC.    graceful restartD.    NSFE.    NSR Answer: B NEW QUESTION 948Which action enables an IPv6 multicast router on a subnet with locally attached receivers to quickly determine if there is a need to send traffic for a certain multicast group out to that subnet? A.    Adjust the MLD report interval on the router.B.    Activate IGPMv3 snooping and fast-leave.C.    Enable the MLDv2 explicit-tracking feature.D.    Decrease the ICMPv4 multicast query timer. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 949Which three Layer 2 VPN pseudowire components are true? (Choose three.) A.    attachment circuitB.    bandwidth requirementC.    route distinguisherD.    virtual circuit labelE.    pseudowire identifierF.    route target Answer: ADE NEW QUESTION 950Which two protocols can be used for resilience in a Digital Building Ring topology? (Choose two.) A.    IS-ISB.    LLDPC.    REPD.    CDPE.    STP Answer: CE NEW QUESTION 951...... Download the newest PassLeader 400-201 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 400-201 PDF dumps & 400-201 VCE dumps: (951 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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